Saroot Supasuthivech


Security Guard


HD digital video

19m24s, 2017


《保全》(Security Guard)為錄像裝置。該錄像裝置的內容分成兩個部分,第一部分訴說一名任職於曼谷藝術文化中心(BACC)的保全在執勤時發生的故事。第二部分描繪了該藝術中心閉館時的室內樣貌。此作品包含了自BACC收集、轉化的環境音。透過這樣的藝術創作,薩魯特嘗試探索如何將無形的氛圍轉化為錄像裝置中有形的可見物。

“Security Guard” is a video installation that content is divided into 2 parts. The first part tells a story of a security guard at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) while he was on duty. The second part portrays interior architecture of BACC during off hours. The work came with shapes and objects converted from ambient and experimenting sounds collected from the building. By making this art, Saroot is trying to find the possibility to transform the intangible atmosphere in BACC into tangible objects that are visible in his video installation.