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Cia Hsinyuan Lee
Cia Hsinyuan Lee is a transmedia artist and an educator. She is interested in the mutually reflecting relations among consciousness, actual environment, memory and history. As is her regular approach, she juxtaposes different media, sounds, on-site installation, performance or painting to represent her works. The artist observes the causation of the presence and absence of individual or collective memories in everyday life. Since 2016, by taking "sound" as crucial senses and practices medium in her creation, she reveals various relations between man and the environment through hearing and investigates the instigating, interfering or restraining power behind it. To her, sounds, including languages, express our awareness and conscious through vibrations, they represent the relationship between the subject making the sounds as well as their consequential statuses of existence. Her artworks have been presented in Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, German and China through different residency projects and exhibitions.

Cia Hsinyuan Lee is also the founder of Incorrect Lab, currently lives and works in Tainan, Taiwan.