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Saroot Supasuthivech
薩魯特•蘇帕蘇蒂韋奇(Saroot Supasuthivech)出生於1991年,目前在曼谷定居、工作。2015年,薩魯特於曼谷的泰國藝術大學(Silpakorn University)的繪畫、雕塑與平面藝術學院取得複合媒材的學士學位。他對不同地區尚未紀錄的口述歷史與個人敘事深感興趣。薩魯特時常將地理環境中的殘餘物質轉換為藝術裝置中的動畫、圖像、與音效。 薩魯特參與了多場聯合展覽,近期展覽包括2021年由首爾國立現代美術館(MMCA)、香港M+博物館、馬尼拉當代藝術設計博物館(MCAD)及清邁當代美術館(MAIIAM)攜手策劃的《輕鬆看:藝術串流在你家》(Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes) 流動影像巡迴展、 2020年諾瓦當代藝術的《ᘐ (氣)》、2019年曼谷維爾畫廊的《專科學校記錄》(Footnotes on Institution)、2018 About Photography主辦的《台-泰對話:依據真實故事改編》、曼谷市立藝術文化中心的《早年計畫No.2》(Early Years Project #2)、2014年位於叻丕府的《游擊美術館-社區的歷史》 (Model Study for Nongpho Community)。
Saroot Supasuthivech was born in1991, lives and works in Bangkok. Saroot graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mix-media arts from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, in 2015. His interests lie in oral histories and personal narratives of different places that have never been recorded before. He often transforms the remaining substances founded in geographical locations into moving images, figures, and sounds in his installations. Saroot has participated in a number of group exhibitions, most recently including Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes, MMCA, M+, MAIIAM, MCAD(2021); ᘐ (Qi), Nova Contemporary, Bangkok (2020); Footnotes on Institution. Gallery VER, Bangkok (2019); ThaiTai Re-conversation: Based on True Story, About Photography, Bangkok (2018); BACC Early Years Project #2, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok (2017); and Pop Up Museum (Model Study for Nongpho Community), Ratchaburi (2014).